Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Will needs our prayers!!!!

Evidently yesterday Will got into the kids vitamins and ingested around 150-160 of them. As of yesterday evening they had been at the hospital for some time. I really don't have any other info. Not sure if they came home last night, but seeing how he hasn't updated makes me wonder if they are still there? Regardless, please pray that Will makes a very quick recovery and if they are not home, that they will be soon!

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Tim said...

Mist you never cease to amaze. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are beyond words.

Thanks so much for posting about Will. Turned out to be about a bunch of nothing, but that didnt keep it from being really scary for quite some time.

We must still keep a close eye on him for the next 48 hours so keep him on your prayers. Oh yeah, and he cant have any vitamins for 2 months!

Love and Prayers to You, Mark, and the kids as Always,


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