Friday, February 20, 2009

Rock Band Me Baby ~

*Mute music on blog at top left!
Here are the kiddos jamming out on
Rock Band. Watch Morgan all the way
through.... she jams!!!

Ha! Maybe Ill set up
tripod and get entire family
jamming out?

5 Personal Thoughts:

Tippa Glover said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Go Morgan...and boys!!

Melanie said...

ROCK ON!!! Girl i have the guitar and I LOVE IT!!! I wish I could play my acoustic the way I play Guitar Hero.

Looks fun... Rock on Misty...

Vicky said...

Oh my gosh, that IS the cutest ever... look at her go! Too cute. And Hunter man, dude you have some rhythm! Thanks for sharing the fun, my kids will love this and then I will have to listen to Rockband for hours too!

I know you are a big MckMama fan so come over and check out who is coming to visit me *wink* !

daniella said...

Morgan looks like a true Rockstar. Hunter could almost be Travis Baker. And Mark's serious concentration cracks me up. Too bad you weren't in any of the videos!

Anonymous said...

Morgan is such a rock star! Seriously...she's impressive. I had to watch without sound...but by the looks of the well-timed flashes on Rockband, it looks like Hunter has some skills!

Can't wait until my brood is up for playing some Rockband... I'll give Trevor a few more months ;-)

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