Friday, March 6, 2009

Hoity Toity Baby

Its up and running.

Please take a moment to browse this adorable girly hand-made, hand-fashioned clothing line, by Hoity Toity Baby.  Suri Cruise was seen in LA with an outfit on.  I wished I could have personally seen that.  

By a witness in LA:

Keri Dito2008-11-26

Hi HTB, I was having lunch yesterday in Beverly Hills and couldn't believe it, two tables away sat little Suri Cruise with her Mommy and some lady I didn't recognize. GUESS what Suri was wearing.... yep.. a Hoity Toity Jumper AND BIB!! Congratulation Nicole.. I guess you've really struck a high note with your great baby creations! K

From: Las Vegas/Beverly Hills

This clothing line is adorable, fitting for any princess and simply baby chic. Its quality is great, the fabric is soft, the colors and designs are unique.  Giving your little girl her own fashion statement.  

I had the pleasure to photograph the new line of clothing, and I really wanted to help Nicole by spreading the word of her work and efforts, in designing priceless clothing for little girls.

Please pass this site on to anyone with little girls.  You can also order items for gifts for that young special girl in your life. 


1 Personal Thoughts:

daniella said...

Wow, a dress worn by a Cruise? Not bad.

Mis, you did an amazing job photographing these kids in these adorable clothes. Good for you! I think you might just have found your niche (sp?).

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