Friday, March 6, 2009

Hunter "The Bunter"

Okay so here are some baseball pictures finally.  I took these Wednesday night.  I was very excited to shoot Wednesday nights game, in hopes to capture the colors that I very much enjoy in the evening games. The red sand just seems to pop a little brighter. The white powder lines seem more white and brighter...and the grass even appears to come of a bit greener. I love it when I am sitting there in the flesh, admiring all the colors.  

This is where I get frustrated and call myself a "non-professional" photographer.  So many have emailed or left comments recently, saying wonderful things about my photography and going the extra mile to call me "PROFESSIONAL".  However, when I take images as I did Wednesday night, and see that 99.9 % of them are blurry, because I don't know how to adjust my camera properly for that type of setting.  Dark out, with field lights, with no flash, with action and capture it all in crisp clear photos.  Ugh!!  I don't care what anyone says, I just don't feel that I am yet a "professional".  I guess being a professional (in my book) is knowing how to do all things photography. I don't know.  

Anyways, another post another day...

Here are some pictures of my HANDSOME boy, Hunter.  He is playing on the 8U Travel League.  His team is really good and there is a big difference just watching them play from last year to this year.  They really are looking like baseball players out there on that field. 

Tuesday night, before this game, Hunter was taught for the first time how to bunt.  He was so excited he learned how to "bunt".  Hoping his coach would say the 'secret code of words' that allowed him to bunt during Wednesday nights game.... 

Our team got so far ahead and the boys were just nailing their hits left and right (and center)...HA! Hunter got up to bat and he heard the 'secret code of words' and he bunted his very first bunt.

Let's just say the boy in all seriousness, bunted the perfect bunt.  The coaches were so thrilled and excited.  Telling Hunter that it was 'a bunt right out of text book' and 'that the pros can't even bunt like that.'  He made his run to first base sending the other two on to the their next base.  It was a great play and I had a very proud 'bunter' on my hands. 

Sorry the images are no crisp....but at least I have pictures of Hunter-Bunter in action!~

This is one of the nicest little league fields I have scene.
#15 during warm-ups

He loves having his hitting gloves in his back pocket

This is Hunter trying to pull off the "my game face is on - look"...
..but we aren't fooled. 

Not Hunter...just some random shots I was taking.

Hunter at bat! 

So there you go.... GO STARS!!!

PS:  The coach has asked that I come out and take some shots of the entire team during the next game (day game) so he can post them on the teams site.  So I am sure I will have plenty more of where these came from to post later on.

P.S.P.S. (is that even such a thing?) Ahem.  Remember that wedding I said that I turned down because I feel I am not experienced enough to perform such a task?  Well, the girl found a photographer, something has happened to that photographer and she has called me back.  She has assured me she likes my work, understands it would be my first and says that she isn't worried and would like to have me and give me a chance.  So it looks as though I will be shooting my first wedding on March 29th, as in a couple of weeks.  Please pray for me...Ill remind you once we get closer to that date.  

5 Personal Thoughts:

Jennifer said...

Great pictures from Wednesday night. Hunter's so adorable...and a very well-rounded atlete.

Wedding on the 29th? WoW - that's every exciting! You'll do marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Hunter is so handsome! He is such a little man... love it!

Elizabeth said...

Hunter is so cute. I love the pic where his gloves are in his back pocket. i think your pictures look great. i'm still trying to figure out the settings for my camera too. I have a Canon Rebel. It's hard to remember all the things like ISO, aperture....I usually end up just putting it on Auto!

Aspiemom said...

VERY good pictures, Christy!

I'm sure you will do a great job of the wedding, too!

Aspiemom said...

I can't believe I did that, Misty! I wonder who I thought I was talking to! lol I knew it was you - HONEST!!!

FORGIVE ME?????? :-)

They ARE great pics, Misty. I especially like the close-up shots. They are really cool! MISTY!

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