Thursday, March 19, 2009

I just learned this like, um, five minutes ago...

Color Change!

Slowly but surely I am learning small ity-bity baby steps on my photoshop program.  As I have said before, anything you have seen of my images, none of which have been done through my photoshop, because I do not know how to work my way around it.  Anyways, on iheartfaces they give out tutorials and this is what I have attempted to do in the past, but repeatedly failed and then accomplished today after reading their tutorials.  Super cool.  

I know I missed a little spot, but hey man its a girls first attempt and succeeding at this alright!!!  Check it out! 

PS: Okay, now who can tell me how to make the little heart icon instead of spelling it out??? Come'on I always share my fun secrets with you all. 

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so cool see that is some what i was trying to tell you the color replacement then you add the color and see the weel . i wanted to show you but its hard to write i'm visual person too cool.

how dod you getthe colors ?
oh the heart i want to know too? i copy it from there sitwe

C ♥ said...

heart = & hearts ;

Remove the spaces and its:

Jennifer said...

Great job! Love the color change!
I wanna learn how to do the heart things too...and the parenthesis;
I'll goodle it.

Jennifer said...

Here ya go...the heart sympol - and a whole lot more:

You can get these symbols using Times New Roman (and other common text fonts)! Hold the Alt Key, then press the numbers while still holding down the Alt key.

Smiley face is Alt, 1

Heart is Alt, 3

Diamond is Alt, 4

Club is Alt, 5

Spade is Alt, 6

Bullet is Alt, 7

Bullet is Alt, 8

Music Notes is Alt, 1, 4

Sun is Alt, 1, 5

Arrows: Alt 23 - 29

Jennifer said...

Here you go girlfriend:

Bullet (•) •
Cent sign (¢) ¢
Copyright sign (©) ©
Degree sign (°) °
Em dash (—) —
Euro symbol (€) €
Heart symbol (♥) ♥
Inverted exclamation (¡) ¡
Inverted question (¿) ¿
Non-breaking space  
Pi (π) π
Pound sterling (£) £
Registered trademark sign (®) ®
Section sign (§) §
Trademark sign (™) ™
Umlout o (ö) ö
Yen symbol (¥) ¥

ByTheSea said...

♥ Oh that is so cool... Thank you Jennifer I have always wanted to know also.

Great job Misty.. I am hoping to sit down and really learn about photoshop .. I use it but I have in no way used it like it should be.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love the pictures along with the music.

That was great information that you got in the comments..stuff that I wanted to know.


Megan Sommer said...

Hey Hey Hey...

Here is the link to my blog where there is alot of projects that i have done on photoshop, as well as some free video lessons/tutorials that will teach you how to do your own tricks and projects...

Leave me a comment and let me know what you are creating, or if you need help with photoshop... I will help you all with anything that i know.

Love, Megan

Megan Sommer said...

FYI: the tutorials are at the bottom.

Love, megan

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