Thursday, March 19, 2009

You can't do that!

We all know how curious babies are. It's a given, and most of the time its just "SO CUTE".

However, there are times, in which you just want to put a chain on your child or lock them up in a cage just to be able to sit down and actually eat a full meal, that you actually got to taste while chewing it more than once before tossing in to the back of your throat. 

Although, it would probably spark some concern, and I would have the child social services at my door, if they heard of me putting a chain on my daughter or locking her in a cage.  I figured instead of all that drama, I would simply close doors off to other rooms in the house so to keep Morgan sort of located in one section of the house. This way she isn't drowning or drinking in the toilet water, she isn't shocking herself by putting lose cell phone power cords in her mouth, or climbing up on furniture to fall off of onto the hard marble floors.

When this happens, what does Morgan do? She does what any person rebelling would do. She pitches her life size fit, stands at the doors, screaming and crying, until she loses her balance and falls on her bottom. Then she gets even more upset, cries harder and when she sees me taking her picture of doing such actions, she comes and attacks me like I am the paparazzi or something.

Do you see this folks? You are my witnesses of the abuse I was getting by this 11 month old girl. She pulled my pants half down, she bit my leg and sunk her claws in my thighs.

But who ya gonna call? Grandma?

3 Personal Thoughts:

Mary said...

That is hysterical! Maybe because I have a toddler (or two,) of my own. Yesterday I told my husband I wasn't sure if I LIKED them all the time. Sure I love them but sometimes this age makes it hard to want to spend time with them :) Thankfully the more they understand the better it gets!


oh my stop runining her rep man , morgan is a little burst of sunshine . she could never do anything wrong . not morgan . she gets her picture taken so much ahe will start to charge you like all the celb do . lol

daniella said...

Oh boy. Interestingly enough, this phase gets worse (at least it did with Charlie) and the tantrums get bigger. This week was so rough that I was ready to just walk out of the house, leaving her in it. Lord have mercy.

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