Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's raining buckets here today.

So, what are two handsome boys like these two, supposed to do when stuck inside all day, with no lizards to chase, no sun to bathe in and no birds to make their ears twitch???

But off course..... 

Grab the remote and watch your favorite TV shows:
"America's Funniest Animals"

Or just find a nice cozy spot and relax, listening to the birds chirp on the XM Spa station.

Do these boys have it made or what?  

Can I get you two some Whisker Lickin's?  Maybe a little chicken & liver flavor? Or, how about shrimp and tuna?  Mmmmmm!!!

While I am at it here, and you guys take it easy, let me go scoop your litter, making it nice and fresh for your paws.  

Anything else I can do, besides bring your litter box and food to you, you just let me know, alright?

6 Personal Thoughts:

Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh, I know I should be thankful, but here in NC, we have had MORE THAN OUR SHARE of rain....I am ready for sunshine in my life!!!


you make me laugh chicka . too funny . you go start learning meaow now add that to the many things you already do . so you can hear them say . "look dudde we got her wraped right around our fingers ' watch her go at it, ok flufF this pillow ok and the remote on our shows not that head baning rock band that mark and hunter trying to be the next celb but a relaxing show, and you go start crying over your pictures and your blog we know you will , and you will be just fine . ok . don't let the bring the rain bother you. I will get a big rat or lizard tomorrow and make sure it's extra muddy ok. just for you but for now you go make that vip platter of tuna and chicken . thanks mommy . or meawo.

GamecockQueen said...

Your cats amuse you as much as my cat (Ricky) amuses me...glad to know I'm not the only one! My Ricky thinks he is a lion in a cat's body...

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Aww-that is too cute!!
I was going to post my cats today too but changed my mind-I will def. have to share mine soon.
Great job!

Anonymous said...

They're such pretty cats and their fur is just beautiful! You clearly take wonderful care of them.

Amy said...

Aww I had a Milo I lost him to Liver failure a few years ago, he reminds me of him. I still have two boys, and trust me they are JUST as spoiled as yours. LOL. GREAT pics.

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