Sunday, March 22, 2009

My new LITTLE friend..

My new portable external hard drive that my honey got for me. 

Its really small, but BIG things can come in SMALL sizes. 
This bad boy girl holds 500 GB

I'm using the FireWire on my MAC laptop, so it doesn't take up my
USB slots, allowing me to not have to remove my wireless mouse 
when I go to use my HD. 
I was amazed at all the colors you can choose from. 
Although, I wish I got the pink one.
I was not able to find for the MAC, in the 500 GB, that I wanted in pink, so 
I got the silver and black instead!

For now the soft bag will work for me.
 However, since I travel a lot, I will most likely
invest in a hard case in the future. Maybe Ill get the pink case? 
The case is less that $20.00! Not bad! 



I have already backed up ALL my photos and iTune music.  Yea, me!!! 

Allowing myself to free up A LOT of space on my laptop. While giving me the peace of mind that my photos are safe to never be 'accidentally' deleted or lost again!!!!  

And may I add just a little side note? 

It is SO easy folks to do this.  I make folders for each group of photos so to keep them organized.  

I make a "Hunter Folder" ...
in the "Hunter Folder" I then make additional folders for each group of photos such as:
Baseball 2009
Chicago Hockey Tournament Feb. 2009
St. Patricks Day 2009

I am kicking myself in the butt for not doing this a long time ago, as my honey had often tried to tell me to do. I highly recommend for you to get yourself one. Especially for mommies that like to take tons of pictures of their beautiful offspring.  They have them for MAC and PC users. Choice of different GB sizes... all the way up to a 1TB (I think stands for One TrillaBite). 

Now that's a LOT of storage space people. I got the 500 GB size, which hubby assures me, for now, that's plenty of space.  

Thanks honey, for making me back up my stuff so you don't have to deal with me crying over lost photos of our precious offspring. 

 I love you. 

7 Personal Thoughts:

Jennifer said...

I have the same little friend only mine is half the GB. Back up to your heart's content, mama! No more fear of losing those precious photos!

Claire said...

Oh, what a cool little gizmo! I want one now! :-)



how cool is that huh. in colors too, well i have one that is used for my size computer and i love itr . yes it is my little friend that is for sure. down loard every thing mama and save those vip files.

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest! I have an external HD but it's an older big clunky one. Yours is divine.

Richard said...

Hey Misty-congrats on the storage.
F.Y.I. it's Terabyte not trillabite.
A terabyte (derived from the prefix tera) is a measurement term for data storage capacity. The value of a terabyte is defined as one trillion (short scale) bytes, or 1000 gigabytes. Yours is 1/2 that'll eliminate the stress from losing these valuable items when a drive goes bye-bye!!

Keri said...

Ok, I am going to have to get one of those!! I'm a Mac girl, too. Don't have a laptop YET, but as soon as we are employed again, you better believe I'm getting one.

I have so many questions for you on all this techy stuff....will have to split my time between you and Lisa when I make it down so you can teach me some of this cool stuff!!!

Maybe we could go camping or that I'm an expert and all!

Tim said...


Carey doesnt listen to me much either. LOL

That thing looks awesome! Im gonna check it out, thanks for the heads up!

Love and Prayers,


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