Monday, March 23, 2009

Urgent Prayers needed RIGHT NOW!!!!

5:00 PM Update - Click HERE! 


I feel as though I can't type this fast enough. I read this on MckMama's blog this morning on my way out the door to my sons Field Day event.  I just got home only to read the update that its getting VERY, VERY serious and SCARY to say the least.  We ALL know MckMama's blog, and we all know the MIRACLE story of baby Stellan.  

Ill give you as much detail as I can here as quick as possible, and you can head over to MckMama's blog for the rest.  However, most importantly we ask that you stop whatever you are doing and say a prayer for this little boy. 

A boy that is already a miracle. A boy that wasn't supposed to live to make it to his birth.  A boy that left the hospital 'healed' and healthy.  He has been sick and was taken to the ER yesterday night, when after a second dose of the nebulizer for his breathing and wheezing.  His heart went into SVT (Supra Ventricular Tachycardia=very high heart rate)super fast heart rate = not good. They ended sending him to the Children's Hospital by ambulance from that hospital because they were unsuccessful getting his heart rate down and or his IV in.  

Still, as of today, they have been unsuccessful to get his heart rate down.  This is BAD!  No one especially babies can go that long with such fast heart rate.  They have sedated him as of this time, they continue to try different options and drugs to stabilize him and to slow his body down, in hopes to get his heart rate down.  No success right now.  They even have tried giving him a drug that makes his heart STOP beating for a brief second or so, so that when it starts back up, they hoped it would start to beat regularly.  Still no success.  

This is a very serious and scary situation. They have no answers right now, and relying all on the peace of God.  He has healed Stellan in a BIG way once, so they know that HE has Stellan in his hands and in HIS plans.  

As parents, you can imagine how frightening this is.  To trust HIM with big faith, but at the same time NOT KNOW what that PLAN may be for your very own child.  

I have become friends with MckMama (Jennifer) and we often communicate via email.  I am so proud of her for how she is handling this.  She isn't sure if it is the state of shock, being exhausted or what, but she likes to believe that its God that is allowing her to have so much peace in this.  That's awesome and beautiful!!! 

Please spread the word, stop and say a prayer.  This little boys heart beat has been STV for a long as is, and if they can't get it to come down.... my mind can't even begin to imagine what that means.  JUST PRAY!!! 

Thank you. 

6 Personal Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

I've been praying since I heard and I too know that God's hand is in this and all we can do is trust and have faith in God's plan. Thank you for your most eloquent post.

Love Being a Nonny said...

I have been praying off and on all day. Thank you for caring enough to post about this. We are all part of God's family...

daniella said...

Lord Jesus have mercy, heal like only You can. Amen.

I'll be praying...

Anonymous said...

Evelyn and I prayed together for "baby Stellen" before I put her down for her nap. It was all I could do to keep it together rocking my sweet baby as we prayed together. God is Good!
Abi Byrd

TuTu's Bliss said...

Thank you. Yes, I did. It was all amazing. I am so very grateful. If you don't mind please email me. I went to email you this weekend and couldn't find it. Hugs, Jen

Jennifer said...

I hope this little miracle pulls through! What ever happens, he's in good hands!

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