Monday, April 27, 2009

My God is the same God ALL the time.

Even when there seems to be so much sadness all around you day in and day out, we must take time to still focus on the beauty and goodness of God's grace and love, that is also around us. 

Today, while speaking with my friend this was her day before noon.  

1.  Attending a funeral of a 7-year old little girl.

2.  Getting the news that a the father, of her oldest sons friend has bone cancer.

3. A family that she thought would never be in trouble is now in the final stages of divorce, with 3 young children.

4.  I then share in the news that another one of my friends (which I spoke about on her before) her mother passed away Thursday.  She lost her battle to cancer. 

(Again, all of this before noon today)....... its hard to smile or rejoice in your own good when you hear all of this, its hard to find that balance.  So with all of that I want to help with that balance with ending tonight with a big smile, while I also wipe away the tears.



1 Personal Thoughts:

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love that picture...there have been days recently when I was just seemed that everywhere I turned there were friends and family in some incredibly sad situations. Some days it is overwhelming....and some days all I can say...but God! and pray..

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