Monday, April 13, 2009

He came!

Oh how I love Easter weekend.  I love the meaning of Easter.  I love the way we celebrate Easter.  I love how adorable the kids all look in their little Easter outfits.  I love all the spring colors and all the baby animals that come out around Easter/Spring time.  

Over the years sometimes Easter would be a hard holiday for me.  Especially as a single mom and when it would be the holiday rotation that was not my year with Hunter.  On the years that I didn't have Hunter,  I would hang by myself or with friends during the  holidays. I wouldn't go home to visit family because it didn't feel right to fly home to see family without my son.  It was also hard to be around all the other children, when Hunter was not with me.  It made me miss him so much.  It is still like that now when I do not have a holiday with Hunter.  This past year I didn't have him for Thanksgiving and now this past weekend for Easter. I miss not getting to be the Easter bunny or sometimes getting to be Santa or tooth-fairy. 

However, it does seem to be getting easier for me a little more each year, to enjoy the holidays even when Hunter isn't spending that holiday with me.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Hunter is older now, and I can talk to him, email him and stay in constant communication with him.  As before it wouldn't be like that. I would be lucky to even hear his voice on the phone at all.  It also helps that I have Morgan to focus on and to keep me busy, so I am not so stuck on the fact that my son isn't with me.  It also helps that I know how much fun Hunter is having on his holiday away from me.  Knowing he is smiling, laughing and enjoying himself... that makes me feel good inside.  

Even more so these days.... it helps that his dad and I actually do get along now.  That alone can take off so much stress and heartache in all of this.  It would be the hardest thing to do on holidays, letting my child go with the one person that I at one point couldn't stand the most. It was awful.  But things have changed, we have grown and we now get along and truly parent Hunter as a team, the best way we know how. 

In fact this Easter holiday, and the first time that I know of since knowing Hunter's father 11 years now.  This was the first Easter in which we actually BOTH got to spend time with Hunter together. Although, Hunter having a baseball game Saturday helped, that isn't what I am referring to.  What I am referring to is the fact that I invited Hunter's father to join us in an Easter service at church Sunday morning. 

And he came

The first time that I know of him attending a church in all 11 years that I have known him...and he came.  

It was such a beautiful sight to see.  I was thrilled. Hunter was thrilled and not only did I get to spend part of Easter day with my son,  MY SON, got to spend part of HIS Easter day with both of his parents, his sister and step-dad.... HIS FAMILY at CHURCH, hearing the word of God and the true meaning of all this Easter celebration.  Hunter sat there between me and his dad, holding both of our hands, while I held Hunter and Marks hand.  For those that have known me for years now, know just how far both his dad and I have come, and understand why this is such a big deal to be sharing here with you today. Amen.?

We wanted Hunters to dad to have such a great experience for his first time visit.  We reserved seats at the front of the church and once we were in there, we handed it over to God.  God knew that he would be there this weekend, and so he knew all the words that David (pastor and dear friend) would speak this day.  And boy did he ever! The band was fabulous as always.  The message was right on and it turned out to be an amazing time.  Hunter's dad said he really liked it and was glad he came.  Yea!!!! 

Go GOD!!! 

I don't recall ever posting a picture of Hunter's dad on my blog before, but today I feel it only to be right to share this part of Hunter's life.  

** Remember to click on collage images to zoom **

This weekend, I experienced one of the cutest and well done Easter gatherings ever.  We were invited to attend a neighboring Easter party.  When I got there, I quickly learned that this wasn't just your ordinary Easter lunch/party.  This was your TV/FILM style of Easter gatherings for friends and families.  

You know, those scenes on TV/FILMS where the house is huge, with the beautiful Easter decorations, tons of kids dressed in their adorable Easter outfits, an Easter bunny walking around for picture taking opportunities.  

It seriously looked like a set up right out of the Pottery Barn catalog.  They had a beautiful home on the water.  Food catering.  They had a photographer walking around capturing all the activities.  They had this tent set up with tons of child size tables and chairs set up, so that the kids could decorate their own Easter eggs.  They had a bounce house.  A petting zoo full of baby chicks, rabbits, kittens, puppies, pigs, lambs, ducks and goats. It was absolutely wonderful.  I really wished Hunter could have been there to see it all.  

Morgan was a bit over stimulated. I don't think she smiled the entire time. In fact she had her 'very serious' face on the entire time, while trying to understand and take in all that was around her. She explored the petting zoo, holding her first bunny.  She loved kissing the baby chick. In fact it was so cute, that when she lean in to kiss the baby chick, she wouldn't just kiss them, she would turn her head left and right several times so the fur of the baby chick would tickle her mouth. It was so funny.  Morgan had her first taste of a cherry snow cone and didn't get scared or cry once while hanging out with the Easter bunny.  I am telling you folks it was one of those kind of set ups.  It was amazing. 

They placed out over 3000 eggs for the kids to hunt.  Morgan enjoyed picking up and opening all her Easter eggs.  She wanted to know if what was inside of the egg was worth putting in her basket.  LOL.  She loved watching all the bigger kids run around.  She was so cute in her little Easter dress crawling around or standing up against something.  It was one of those types of events and parties that can inspire anyone to want to do the same one day.  It does for me anyways.  

To end our wonderful Easter weekend.  

After church Sunday, we went home to let Morgan take her nap.  While she was napping, Mark and I decided to watch "Passion Of The Christ" before heading over to some friends for an Easter dinner gathering.  


It felt so right watching "Passion Of The Christ" on Easter day.  I have watched it before, but it just seemed new to me all over again.  I had tears in my eyes while thinking back and understanding that this is what MY JESUS went through for my sins.  I am so undeserving of any of that, but because of His love for me, it was possible and I now have been forgiven and have the key to eternal life. 

Can you tell through my words that I truly enjoyed my Easter weekend????

I hope that you and yours did also.

God Bless. 

10 Personal Thoughts:

Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

Wow - I'm over the moon for you that you and Griffin are getting along now. I know that's been a hard road... *huge hugs*

And I tell myself every year that I'm going to rewatch The Passion, then I emotionally back out because it tears me up so bad.

Vicky said...

I don't always have enough time to leave comments but I read often! I just had to say Yea for Hunter! That was probably the biggest gift that both of you could have given him. Way to go Misty, for thinking to include Hunter's dad.

Btw, my Easter was filled with Bakugan!

Blessings to you and yours :)

Linkis Family Love said...

You don't know me, but I read your blog almost every day. You are truly an inspiration in your Chritianity and every day honesty. I am so glad you shared a pic of Hunter and his dad. Bc of your outer beauty, it would be easy to bypass your inner beauty. Praise God that you have both! I envy you living in FL...we only go seasonally to Naples, where my in-laws live 6mo out of the year in their home that we covet! ha- Sending you lots of blessings in Christ! Kelli <><<

amanda said...

sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. i love that griffin came to church, and i don't even know him. how awesome!!! god is good. always.

GamecockQueen said...

When I saw your title "He Came" I figured you meant the Easter Bunny! LOL! Glad it was your little man's Daddy instead!

And of course, Miss Morgan is beautiful as always :)

Off subject, but I want to know why the girls on Get Out! and Bikini Destination don't have to wear ugly safety apparell when they sky dive like I not fair! You know we girls always like to look our best and I think I was more scared of pictures being taken of me in that heinous outfit than the actual jump! LOL

Keri said...

I am so excited that Griffin went to church with you!!! I have a HUGE smile on my face.....I know what an answer to prayer, in many ways, this is for you! Go God!!

Was that the same Easter party Lisa was at? She ran into a friend of mine at her party and I got to talk to her......sounds like a good time!

Anonymous said...

I hope that Griffin heard something particularly meaningful to him in church and what a blessing that he came. What a positive turn things have taken for you and your family.

Blessings, he is risen! :)

Aspiemom said...

That is so fantastic that Hunter's dad joined you for church! WOW!!! I knew someone, once, who had their ex, their children's father, over for meals with her and her "new" husband. They always spent holidays all togther and I thought that was so nice that they could get along like that. I hope Griffin returns to church, too!

You took some beautiful pictures, Misty! So many great ones!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a beautiful post...your blog is one of my favorites...Stop by and visit again soon and meet BABY JACK...our little miracle

daniella said...

I have tears in my eyes. God is so good! What we think of some things/events in our lives as a complete mess turn out to be the biggest blessings and full circle Redemption by the One and only mighty God who SAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be praying for Hunter's dad. He's lucky to have such an amazing mom and woman in his son's life.

And I'm jealous of the Easter egg hunt you went to in your neighborhood. It really does look like how they have it in the movies!!!

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