Friday, April 24, 2009

Remember that Marco Island Shoot in December?

You know, that oh so fabulous trip we took to Marco Island as a family right before Christmas, to do a little photo shoot/ vacation? Yea, that trip. 
Today, I received an email from Marco Island Beach Resort, advertising their new "Experience Our New Baby Butler Packages."  
  • Daily delivery of eight diapers and three swim diapers (in all sizes, up to stage five) per child
  • One tub of baby wipes (64 count)
  • A tube of diaper cream
  • In-room crib or pack-n-play
  • Free meals for toddlers three and under in Tropiks and 400 Pazzi's restaurants
  • A Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort-logoed baby gift
  • 10% discount upon special request, on baby rental items such as infant tubs, strollers, highchairs and bouncy seats
On on the cover of that little email flyer / advertisement I see my hubby and little girl.  Check it out!!!!  
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Although, I have to admit, and you know me, I have to say what's on my mind.  I do believe the shots that I took with my own camera out there were way better. LOL Just kidding, trying to promote my own photography. HA!

Remember these?  The sunset one of Mark and Morgan would have been a great shot to use also. 

Regardless, I just love seeing my little girl and hubby in this picture for all the world to see.  

PS:  By the way, all kidding put aside.  I felt I should give a BIG shout out to Marco Island Beach Resort. I have worked with this client twice now and let me just tell you what a FANTASTIC and friendly place this is.  Its BEAUTIFUL!  The beach is flat and so clean.  Tons of family and adult activities to do there. The rooms are VERY nice.  You are right on the water where ever you go.  It truly is paradise.  So if you are ever in Florida and looking for the perfect little vacation spot, its a MUST to check out Marco Island Beach Resort.  

6 Personal Thoughts:

Lea Liz said...

This is awesome!!!!
They are all beautiful pics, but I do love yours with the sunrise!!

angie said...

How cool! I really like your photos, and the last one of you and Morgan is great!

Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

That's an awesome package that they offer, though! And how fun that you get to save that!

Elizabeth said...

What an awesome package! I didn't know hotels offered this kind of thing, but it makes a lot of sense. The pictures are great. I love that last picture of you with Morgan. Her bathing suit is so cute! I know that being in shape is part of your job, but any tips for new mommy's? I'm fortunate that I bounced back pretty quickly, but I still need some toning up!

Transparent Mama said...

Hi Misty! I just found your blog. First, the design is just beautiful as are you. I have so many questions about how you got your blog to look like this. Also, I just had a baby a few weeks ago and just so you know, the picture of you in your bikini is highly motivating for me to get my figure back. :)

Jennifer said...

OH YA - I remember that photo shoot! That was when I had the pleasure of meeting you and your beautiful family! I love the ad. it's perfect

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