Thursday, April 9, 2009

Remember that Valentines gift of mine???

Well of course you don't remember it because if you do recall, I said I would tell you what it was when the time was right.  Right? 

Although that was so long ago now. In fact it seems like last year already.  O'well... The time is right, right now. 

Today I went on something new.  It wasn't an audition for a TV/film slot, or a casting for a print/catalog shoot and it wasn't even a photo shoot.  In fact, it had nothing to do with modeling at all. 

I went on a 'real' world job interview.  No, not REAL WORLD like the TV reality show, real world.  I mean what people would consider being in the 'real' world work place, because to most people modeling isn't looked at as a real job or profession.  That's another subject all on it's on that I'll have to post.  

I was contacted back in February regarding a sales position for a new company in which I will keep private for now.  I was asked about my interest in working outside of modeling and the home, as a medical sale rep.  



Yes, me.  I know I was a bit surprised also. 

Why would anyone (other than looks) want to hire a model to be a sales rep? 

Your guess is as good as mine.

All I know is that I am appreciative for the opportunity to be considered and interviewed for this company.

So why would I want to consider working in the 'real' world of jobs, especially sales, when I have the lifestyle and career I have as a model? 

Why would anyone want to change their career?  Its new, its different and a change.  Modeling will ALWAYS be there.  I can and will ALWAYS model and be a model/actress.  However, in this economy modeling is feeling its pull just as any other work profession.  What is the first thing companies pull when finances are tight?  Advertisement!  Which means less work for the models. Anyways.... why not?  I don't want to always be known as just a model. I feel I have so much more to offer than just looks. Well, that's just my opinion anyways.  LOL.  Keep your comments to yourself .  *winking*

With that being said, lets get to the Valentines gift already.

If you recall I was in Chicago Valentines weekend and day, for Hunters hockey tournament.  I had both kids with me and hubby was left home alone.  I sent him on a hunt for his manly Valentine gifts... remember the clock, bottle of wine and movie? 

When I returned home my honey had a surprise for me waiting too. When I opened it, to my surprise it was an outfit.  

I know what you are thinking,.... so what is the big deal about that?  Did he buy a size too big as most men would or do?  Nope. 

First of all, if you knew my honey at all, he NEVER buys me clothes.  Never! But this wasn't just any "outfit".  He bought me an outfit to wear to my interview.  

Not only that, but my honey did get the right size, and I actually LOVED the outfit.  

Pretty cool right?

So all this time has gone by and I haven't been interviewed until today.  Today, I got to proudly wear the "interview" outfit that my honey got me for Valentines.  

The interview went great.  The gentlemen was honest and nice.  I probably did not get the job, so I won't need a second outfit for interview #2 (shucks),  but none of it will be taken personally.  After all, I don't have their kind of experience, education and knowledge to begin with, so the fact that they let this model in for an interview in the first place was sweet enough.  I will be most disappointed about not getting to go on a "new job" shopping spree.  Sigh. 

So here are a couple of pictures that I had my babysitter take just before I left.  Although the full length one didn't come out so great....and it doesn't really do the entire outfit justice, you get the idea. And most importantly you get to see how my honey rocked with picking out his first outfit for 'the wife'.  

Thanks babe for being creative, thoughtful and surprisingly stylish in your choice for my interview outfit.  Although I may not get the job, I sure did look good going in for it.  

This past weekend, our family was invited to a  basketball/pool party.  There were tons of people and kids there, splashing in the pool, eating great food and swinging in the hammock.  This lady was trying to get a picture of her and her husband, and it appeared she was trying to get her daughter to take the picture.  It wasn't going so well, so I offered to take the picture for her.  That's the photographer in me coming out.  In return she took a picture of me and Mark, and tagged it to me on Facebook. Gotta love Facebook. Not! But it served a purpose today, for I got this picture with my honey and what better reason than here today in this post to share it. 

I still think I want to go shorter with the hair, add more layers in it and maybe get a tan before I pop some brighter highlights back into it. 

What do you think? 

13 Personal Thoughts:

Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

I think the outfit looks great! And you never know, you may get the position... or you may decide you want to look for a similar position, with another company.

That's what I was doing pre-baby (not pharmaceuticals, though).

Keri said...

I love the outfit.....what a creative and thoughtful gift! Especially since you were looking forward to the interview. If it had been a subtle suggestion to "get a job", probably wouldn't have gone over so well!

I think the picture of the two of you is adorable. You look relaxed and happy!

Who knows what God's plan may end up with the job! You are smart, good with words, and beautiful....sounds perfect to me!

I am hoping to get to Florida soon....although now I wish I was bringing the boys so they could hang out with Charlie and Hunter AND I could talk a certain someone into a photo shoot. Oh well, it will probably just be me. I'll let you know!!

GamecockQueen said...

Love the outfit and you look great!

You have a lot to offer any company...and I know modeling is one of those things people think is very easy and is not! I had to go to a coach just to learn how to walk on stage for pageants. Trying to be natural doing something like that is work.

I think you hair is a "just right" length. The Vogue that had Michelle Obama on it had an article in it that the length of your hair right now is THE new style & all the socialites/cellebutantes are getting it. You must be a trendsetter!

Keep us posted on the may hear back from them :-D

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous!

ByTheSea said...

Oh my gosh... you look so cute.. I love the outfit.. and the photo of you and hubby.. I just don't think you could do anything wrong with you hair.. you are to darn pretty. Good luck with what ever you decide.

Aspiemom said...

I love the outfit and you looked like such a professional in that first shot! Then you smiled and you looked like the model! he he!

Great job, Mark!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You look fantastic.....

Happy Easter!

daniella said...

Nice job, hubby! The outfit looks great and you could definitely wear them seperately for a more casual look. I'm especially lovin' the wide leg pants.

NOOOOOO, don't cut your hair! Add some highlights, but don't cut it. That's my vote for what it's worth :-)

P.S. I might be able to come to FL in late August, if my doc allows it. There's a worship leader's conference led by Hillson at the University of MIami in Coral Gables. How far is that from you?

Courtney and the Boys said...

Wow...good work, hubby!! You look adorable! I was just thinking how much I love your hair, and now you're ready to change it. You can make anything look good, my friend. :)

Leighann said...

love the outfit! love the pic of you and mark. it's rare i have a pic with only me and the hubby anymore. : ) happy Easter.

angie said...

How exciting that you have the opportunity to try out a different career. Your new outfit is really cute! I love your hair length, but I'm sure a bit shorter would look really great too. Happy Easter!

Elizabeth said...

He did a great job on the outfit! I'm sure your smile and award winning personality knocked their socks off!

I was just thinking how much i love your hair and then you posted you may change it. I think it is perfect like it is!

amanda said...

Great outfit, and it looks great on you!

You sure could get that job! Looks are conducive to making sales, but so is a personality, and you have both, so I think you are up there to get that job.

I think you are beautiful anyway, but since you asked about your hair..I wouldn't go too much shorter, but some long layers would look great, and I think the highlights already there look fab!

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