Sunday, June 21, 2009

My dadda! = my dada!

Is the best my dadda in the world.  

Mommy, is putting first things first these day's which is spending all her waking hours with me.  Which lately is A LOT of waking hours, giving her little no time to blog.  Sorry world, I want her all to myself.

My bubba was supposed to be home tonight. I miss him so much.  Too bad his flight was delayed in Boston today and now I won't get to see him until he gets home from his camp tomorrow afternoon.  I helped mommy get his room all nice and clean for him.  We even washed his sheets on his bed, so he can get that really nice clean smell to snuggle into.  We love that smell.  

Today was a great My Dadda Day.  I only woke up once during the night and I put myself back to sleep, allowing my dadda to get lots of extra sleep.  I gave my dadda his gift before going to bed last night, because I was just so exited and couldn't wait any longer.  My dadda is a pretty simple guy.  He doesn't want or ask for much of anything.  So what made this fun for me and mommy is that we knew no matter what we did for my dadda it would make him feel proud and smile.  

I colored my first card for my dadda.  I did it all by myself and mommy took pictures to prove it.  We framed a picture of me and my dadda for his desk at work.  Just a picture of me and my dadda all by ourselves doing one of our favorite things, swimming and smooching.  I love to kiss my dadda.  Although, his whiskers sometimes leave red marks all over my face and I often get upset about it. In truth if it didn't hurt so much, I'd actually like it.  I just have sensitive skin and my dadda knows and understands that about me.  That's one of the reasons he is so amazing.

My dadda has never once lost his calm or been inpatient with me.  He always takes things lightly and even with little sleep, he still tells me how much he loves me and then shows it with his tender touch and kisses.  

I love laying on my dadda's chest.  The smell of my dadda is such a calming scent.  Feeling so protected and cozy in his big arms and hands.  When my dadda holds me, I feel like I am on top of the world, literately.  

I love watching my dadda read his bible and devotional. We often read books together, its one of our own little favorite things to do.  I sit on his lap and I help him turn the pages.  Its one of those things that I hope to never forget as I grow up.  I love watching my dadda kiss on my mommy.  He is teaching me how a man is to love a girl and how I one day should be loved and treated also.  I love it when my mommy is holding me, and then my dadda comes and chases us around the house.  I laugh so hard my cheeks and tummy start to hurt. 

Its the best feeling in the world when my mommy is holding me and then my dadda wraps his arms around both me and mommy, and then we all take turns giving kisses to each other.  I feel super safe and so loved in the arms of my two favorite people.  

My dadda makes me feel like the most beautiful girl ever.  He tells me how pretty I am and often I find him just smiling at me.  I know its because he just loves me that much.  I wished all the children in the world could feel as loved as I do.  Its really an amazing comfort and joy to feel so loved.  

My dadda is my hero, although he doesn't know it just yet.  I look up to him a lot and I love him a lot too.  Although, right now I am really a mommy's girl, my dadda is still my number one guy in my life, and after him comes my bubba.  I am one blessed and lucky little girl and I know it.  To have my dadda, bubba and mommy in my life.  God knitted together the perfect family for me.  

Today was my dadda's special day.   We took my dadda to the 'world biggest strip club' at 11:15 AM.  It's okay it wasn't one of those kind of strip clubs.  Our church started off a new series this weekend called "The Worlds Largest Strip Club".  Its talking about stripping your spiritual life down so that you can allow God to grow in you more.  Getting rid of baggage, sin, fear, hate, lust, addiction....basically anything in life you are struggling with.  Check out our church website for more

After that we let my dadda do a little shopping at one of his favorite places "Marshall's". While my dadda was shopping, I helped mommy pull anything I could get my hands onto off the racks.  She didn't like it all that much.  I really was just trying to help mommy.  

I started to get fussy because I was hungry and tired, so my dadda dropped my mommy and me off at the house, while he ran to the store and got steaks and stuff to grill for dinner.  When my dadda came home, he came home to two sleeping girls.  While my dadda worked hard on the grill in 100 degree heat outside this hot Florida day, me and mommy got the royal treatment by waking up to a nice dinner sitting out on the table.  You would think it was our day and not my dadda's day. See what I mean? He is just cool like that.  My dadda is a simple man.  He doesn't ask or need much.  He loves us so much that he let us sleep while he made us dinner on his day.  My dadda, you rock! 

After dinner, I sat with my dadda for about 30 seconds and clapped for the Yankee's.  That was the only down side to our wonderful my dadda's day. Boo, Yankee's!!! To help cheer my dadda up since the Yankee's let him down (again), we left the house and went to Cold Stone's for some ice cream.  That was yummy.  

To finish up our day, we hung out in the living room.  I called and talked to my granny and papa in Texas.  I am so excited to spend next week in Texas with them.  Mommy fed me dinner, washed up the dishes and let me give my dadda kisses before putting me down for the night.  

For me it was the best dadda's day yet.  I just hope that my dadda felt as special today as he really is to me.  I love you, my dadda.  Thank you for your unconditional love, protection, hard work, devotion, guidance, grace, patients, understanding, kindness and time that you give me day in and day out, no matter how good or bad your day went, no matter how little sleep you had the night before, and no matter when I push you away and reach for mommy instead.  I still know and feel your love at all times, no matter what, my dadda.  

I love you as big as the sky, up to the moon and back.  

PS:  Hi, this is Morgan's mom, remember me? You know the host of this blog?  I wanted to add in that my honey is one amazing father.  He has been amazing and so accepting and understanding of Hunter.  Such a leader in this family.  Loyal. He makes me proud and I am so thankful that God made him just for me, just for my kids and just for this family.  Although humanly not perfect, he is indeed perfect in every way for us. 

Oh, and Morgan, really does call him "my dada", but it really sounds like "my dad-duh or dad-da" and I liked 'dadda' better written to remind us when looking back on this photo of her little voice, and how she sounded and spoke during this age in her life.  It's too sweet and special to forget the sound of her today.  

Happy Father's Day, honey! 

10 Personal Thoughts:

Maryann said...

That's a precious pic of them!

Hannah said...

Great picture! Gotta love a Daddy's girl :)

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

So beautiful! I just love her little voice saying that and the pictures are great!

mommaof4wife2r said...

too precious!!!

Mom to the 3rd Power said...

So, sweet!
Hope y'all had a great day!

Blessings from the Reeds said...

Aww...she is pure Heaven! What a sweet post. I hope you guys had a WONDERFUL Father's day!

Jennifer said...

Hey...I just noticed you and my sis are not blog friends...(funny!)

I love Morgan's little piggy-tails. You took a great picture of her beloved daddy and her on a very special day...and you wrote a very sweet post (one that she will cherish).
I hope you all enjoyed your day. Jen

Holly said...

you have an award waiting at my blog.

jwhitacre said...

So So sweet...and love the pictures of Morgan with her Daddy!

Leslie said...

That is as sweet as can be! You love and cherish the special things in life, I agree with you :)

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