Wednesday, August 19, 2009

His Will Wednesday

Do you have a prayer, need, request or a thanks for an answered prayer and need a safe place to share it?
You have come to the right place. A christian faith blog, with a ton of prayer worriers. If you are hurting, struggling, healing, changing, trying, worried, happy, thankful, stressed, angry, confused, scared, sick, sad, unsure and even lost.
It doesn't matter, because HIS love is deeper than anything you are going through or experiencing. You just need to trust Him enough, believe in Him enough, and even allow Him enough to show up in your life and prayers.
Please leave your prayer request in the comment section, and know that people are reading them and praying for you. And I once read and LOVED this little chain idea. If you do not read all prayer request, while you post your own request, will you please take the time to say a prayer for the person right above your comment?
I personally will read each and everyone myself and pray over them.

6 Personal Thoughts:

Misty Rice said...

Prayer Request:

1. Please pray for anonymous girl going through many different things in her life. Pray for guidance, for peace, for knowledge, for health, for understanding and for the feeling of being loved and forgiven no matter what she has done.

2. Please pray for Edna Mae's family as they continue to walk in this dark time of their lives. Hanging on to the one thing they know they have (their FAITH) and each other.

3. Please pray for a family that a friend of mine knows, that lost their little baby yesterday.

4. Please continue to pray for Kate, our blonde beauty of only 5 years old going through brain cancer.

5. Please pray for all the our little sicks babies...
Jonah, Ryan, Abby, Abby, Stellan, Lindsay, Noah and any others that you personally know.

God Bless.

Love Mom said...

Please PRAY!!!! My 16 year old daughter, "Rush" ran away from home during the night. We did not know until this morning! I almost left my two young children at home alone as I was at the car door to leave for work, when I had an urgent feeling to look into her window where I discovered she was gone!

She is 16 so there is nothing we can do. We can't look for her or bring her home. We can only rely on God to soften her heart and bring her home. I just pray that she comes back soon!

We are heart broken!

Kasey said...

My 7 week old baby cousin, jacob, just had stomach surgery this morning. things went well, but please pray things stay well and he heals great.

Love Mom said...

Just wanted to upate you that we now know where our daughter is at least and we know she is safe. Please pray for peace to fill us and to over shadow this situation and that grief will not take hold of me. I have two other kids at home that need me, need us, to be strong and "normal".

Love Mom said...

To answer your question that you left on my blog, here in Canada they feel that 16 is "of age" and that if a child wants to leave home they have the functioning capacity to take care of themselves. Obviously the peopel who decided this were never a 16 year old girl who was abandoned by her father and feels she can't measure up, who feels that she is not loved by her family and is better off leaving them. Obviously they have never been a parent of a 16 year old who has left them and left them broken and crumpled in their living room with no strength to go on without their daughter. Obviously, they are just a bunch of bureaucrats who don't think about the consequences of their decisions.

We can do nothing but rely on God to soften her heart, that her wounds will heal, that whatever we did wrong will be revealed to us that we may allow God to fix it within us. We know she is safe and is, so far, making good decisions for herself. She is all ready registered to start school and has plans to get a job after school.

Now, I just try to stop the tears but they fall whenever they want to, wherever they want to. I am trying to find joy and strength; I am trying to find that so I can be there for her sister and brother at home. I can only get that from God but it has been so difficult to pull myself out of my grief long enough to allow healing to start.

Thanks for your prayers. I do appreciate them. {grin}

Misty said...

In case you didn't know...I Love Your Blog! I have an award for you...Please pick it up @

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