Tuesday, September 29, 2009

His Will Wednesday

Do you have a prayer, need, request or a thanks for an answered prayer and need a safe place to share it?
You have come to the right place. A christian faith blog, with a ton of prayer worriers. If you are hurting, struggling, healing, changing, trying, worried, happy, thankful, stressed, angry, confused, scared, sick, sad, unsure and even lost.
It doesn't matter, because HIS love is deeper than anything you are going through or experiencing. You just need to trust Him enough, believe in Him enough, and even allow Him enough to show up in your life and prayers.
Please leave your prayer request in the comment section, and know that people are reading them and praying for you. And I once read and LOVED this little chain idea. If you do not read all prayer request, while you post your own request, will you please take the time to say a prayer for the person right above your comment?
I personally will read each and everyone myself and pray over them.

3 Personal Thoughts:

Misty Rice said...

1. My heart is always praying for children. Children take my breath away, that make me smile and make life FEEL GOOD. My heart aches and breaks when I see a child in pain from sickness or abuse. I want to know how I can do MORE. How can WE do more?

Please be aware of the children around you and be their voice and their vision of life. Give them hope a chance and protection.... STOP ABUSE.

2. Please pray for a young lady that needs love and support and to know that SHE matters. That her name and her life has a purpose. Pray that she feels wanted and loved by those around her.

Aspiemom said...

Pray for the safety of my brother and his family, missionaries in the Marshall Islands. We heard from them once right after the Tsunami hit Samao, but not since. Their island was one listed on Tsunami Watch and it's a LITTLE island.

Misty Rice said...

Will be praying. Hope you hear from them soon.

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