Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Bye for now, Andrew!

Copied Post From My Friend Allison -

My sweet friend, Amber... her son passed away this morning.

In his final weeks, when asked what he wanted for his birthday - he asked for money. His mom asked what he wanted to do with it, and he said he wanted her to use it to pay bills - since she hadn't been working in order to be with him until the end. She instead gave it to his favorite charity for feeding hungry children. Is the average 16 year old so in tune with the needs of others? I don't believe that I was at that age.

Andrew was an amazing young man, who led a life that was an amazing testimony to God's goodness and was vocal about his faith. He was also incredibly funny... one of my favorite stories from Amber is when she tells you about Andrew locking her out of the car, and not letting her back in until she danced for him in the parking lot.

I can't even pretend to imagine the journey of grief that they're beginning, but I pray that Amber and her family will feel held by the prayers of her friends.

My Special Place
My special place can be described as paradise where there is always a gentle breeze. I picture myself on a beach of soft golden sand. Seated in a laid back chair, I listen to the waves crash on shore. I look up at the always purple,discolored sky, as the sun is frozen in mid-set. The occasional seagull flies by gracefully. I sip my tangy drink as I lay, eyes closed.

No one knows about my sanctum. My place of peace and tranquility. That way it is better kept the way I like like it: deserted. I feel at home here, with my worries left behind in the "other" world. The world I call reality. It feels great to be alone. To rest and recharge my mind and body to go back to the conflict inhabited world. To think, to come to a place of such elegance, all I have to do is close my eyes. All I have to do is dream. To think once more of the crystal blue waters and the occasional dolphin. Yet, it is all secret. All mine. A secret to be kept from those who pollute my thoughts in the real world. In reality.

This is my special place. My one spot. It's my dreams. To think such a perfect place exists, to think nothing is wrong with the world. For now, I must stick with the place I have created 'til one day, when all is well, and such a place is not required. A place where even that little sand crab walks by, but doesn't nip your toes. Where even the lowest of animals, including I, feel important and at home.

My special paradise home.

Andrew Kippley

Andrew Michael Kippley

Edited to add the link...
if you're so inclined, a donation can be made to Feed My Starving Children ( in Andrew's name.

FMSC is a a Christian 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A single meal costs only 17 cents to produce, and 94 percent of total donations goes directly toward the food program.

7 Personal Thoughts:

Anonymous said...

wow. prayers.

Do you mind if I asked how he passed away?

Pineapple Princess said...

Praying with you for peace and comfort that only the Lord can provide.

Samaria said...

I just read on what looks like her twitter he passed away from cancer. I can't imagine her grief, to love and know a child for so long and to lose them. :(

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

I just can't imagine. I pray that she feels GODS arms just wrapped around her with love and I am soo saddened that another young child passes away. Really makes me cherish EVERY moment!!

My Heart said...

My heart breaks for this family. Praying for strength and peace as they embark a road they didn't wish to take.

Reality hit as I read Andrew's birth year; he was 6 weeks younger than my daughter, and although she has chosen not to live with us, she is still with us. I cannot imagine...

Angie said...

I pray for all of you during this time. They sound like such a sweet family with such sweet spirits. May the Lord be with each of you.

Anonymous said...

i was an ex girlfriend of his and i loved him with all of my heart. i miss him deeply and i just want him to be happy. i wish he was still here on this earth but im happy that hes not suffering anymore. and answering what angie said yes he was a sweet guy he always put others first and i miss him like he took half of me. i always thought i was least important than his other friends but i was wrong he loved us all the same. :)

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