Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its about that time....

As I sit here on the phone with the bank, I am going type in a quick post. I think that is what I am going to start practicing, writing shorter, brief and to the point post. I tend to type fast, think fast and one that feels the need to leave nothing out. The more detailed things are the better I feel. See how long it too me to just explain all of that?

I am one that can't seem to figure out how to write emails, text, or post on my blogs that aren't long winded, wordy and very annoying with bad grammar or spelling errors.

So, here it is, my first attempt of a brief and to the point post.

As I said, I am was on the phone with Bank of America, Husband and Pediatricians office all as once, while beginning this post. Pretty silly talented, right?

It appears that I have been a victim of fraud with my bank checking/Visa card this week. It appears that my thief was really hungry and placed two charges to Wendy's in the same day. Thus, why I am on the phone with the bank. I filed my claim, was credit back the amount used at Wendy's and then my card was shut down. Fun right? Not really, but it could have been worse I guess. At most as of now, its just a pain in my rear end and I have to actually go down to the bank after baby girls nap and have a new card issued to me.

I also decided that means it is also time to change my password out for any and all accounts, so I am trying to come up with something unique and "STRONG" to use. You know, they tell you to make your password "strong" so it is harder to break into. Yes, makes sense, but also makes it harder to remember and lock yourself out of your own accounts. Not that I have done that or anything, at least not tell you anyways.

Why do I share this?

Why not?

Maybe, just maybe, you need to reconsidered taking a peek as your bank statements and making sure everything looks right. Maybe its time you have your once a year credit reports looked at, as I am doing today. And maybe, just maybe, its time that you considered changing all your passwords as well.

I am thinking of others and trying to help prevent you from being a victim of fraud.

Did you know that if you go to By Federal Law, you are allowed to get a copy of your three credit reports, for FREE, once a year.

Can you guess what I did today? Yeap, I got mine.

Besides, I have my Living Will completed. I had both hubby and I do them before I would travel out of town with him alone and leave my children behind. He tends to be a procrastinator, so he really wanted to go on our trip to NYC over the summer and not take baby girl with us. Although, even though we did have our wills notarized and in hand before leaving for NYC, I still many times tried to sneak her into my suitcase, but she wouldn't be quite and we always were busted. Guess next time I should give her more Benadryl. HA!

Why on phone with Pediatricians office you ask? I am glad you ask, now I have a reason to continue this "brief" post and can blame you if it gets too lengthy. :)

I recently put together a very nicely done and organized notebook of all my families most important documents. In this notebook, it has my marriage certificate, which I recently learned is a VERY important document to have should there be any deaths between you or your spouse for claim of insurance and other financial beneficiaries. Also, I kept losing track of my children's social securities and kept all of our passports in a drawer. Now, it is all in one nice place and organized. In the note book each one of my family members has a plastic file space. In it, it holds their birth certificates, their passports, and their social security and medical records. I am very proud of this, if you can't tell. I love the feeling of being organized in the most important places in life, such as your families health and personal info.

I know, that still doesn't explain why I was on the phone with the pediatrician.

Today, I finally was able to get Morgan's blood test back from Lab Corp, to learn that my daughter has O- blood type. I had forgotten what her blood type was. I am O+ blood type. No wonder she was kicking my butt while in the womb... I am positive and she is negative. LOL! For those of you wondering.... that would be a joke!

And her allergy report said that she was a little, not greatly, allergic to dogs!!! :)

Then there is hubby.... his phone call was quickly placed in to me, the moment he read my text message about the fraud on my bank card. Any kind of threat or scare in the financial area of our home, it tends to spike my hubby's blood pressure a a lot tiny bit. Once he heard my voice, I confirmed I was on the phone with the bank, and had already gotten the file in process, the funds returned to the account and my card canceled. Without saying a word, I could tell by the calm in his breathing he was doing okay. LOL! :)

Other than that, its a pretty rainy day today here in South Florida. Hubby and I were invited to join in with some friends and my sons hockey team to tonight preseason game of Florida Panthers vs Dallas Stars. I of course being from Dallas am looking forward to tonights game, while hubby and I also get to sort of imagine it like a date also, because we hired our sweet friend from church, Jessica, to babysit very busy and very active toddler girl, named Butterfly.

It's just about time for her nap, maybe I need one too, since going back to bed this morning really didn't fly over, as baby girl decided she wanted to wake up and remember that she knew how she almost climbed out of crib before, and started trying to escape again. I see her on the monitor with one leg up and over, I raced as fast as I could to make sure she didn't fall out. I was then up after that rush to the heart and blood flow.

Speaking of blood types, here is an interesting thought to consider and as well was new information to me after I did a little blood type research today.

Blood Type Theory of Evolution:

Oh, yes..... one more thing on the subject of evolution. Many published studies over recent years have shown that chimpanzees mostly have Blood type A, almost no Blood type O, but never Blood type B. The other great ape, the gorilla has Blood type B, almost no Blood type O, but never Blood type A. In these 'man-apes' species, said to be the ancestors of man, there is NO Blood type AB in either. Generally speaking, man has both Blood types A and B, and Blood type AB. Blood type O, in man is by far the most common in virtually every racial group.

Now you can all sleep better tonight knowing that you aren't an monkey of any kind. Well, I guess I can speak for myself anyways. If you act like a monkey, that's your freedom of choice. Just don't go around teaching my children they are the ancestors of man. And if you kindly respect my request of that, I'll throw you a banana. :)

Okay, baby girl has made it very clear she is bored and is ready for her nap. That would be my cue to wrap this sort of brief and sort of short post up.

Two post, two days, back to back.... wow, sort of like the old blogging days.

Hope you are all enjoying your Wednesday.

Here is a picture to melt your eyes on in case you didn't see it on Twitter. Although, my girl is officially 17 months old as of the 14th of this month.

*Now go get organized, check your credit reports, your bank statements. Get medical information organized and change your passwords to your accounts frequently.

7 Personal Thoughts:

pinksarahh said...

WOW! I am exhausted just reading...Can you make me one of those folders????

Wanda said...

OK...I'll have what you're having!!!

Very interesting and informative SHORT post. And a good giggle along the way.

Hope you had a great day!

Wanda (At Last...)

Oh, and btw......she's home!!

Anonymous said...

good to see a post from you every now and then HAHA said...

You've probably already thought of this but be sure to update all your automatic withdraw accounts. If you do a lot of online banking this can be a long list. (nothing like your "short" post)

mommaof4wife2r said...

you are so precious i can't stand it! i loved every word of this post!!!! sorry that you got ur awesomeness stolen...booo! and my little miss sofie has to get her allergy blood testing done...i just don't wanna have her stuck. she's tiny, you know! anyway, happy day!

Love Mom said...

Last year I had 3 charges on my credit card on one statement for gas from the province of Quebec. I wish I could say that I have been there but alas, I haven't. The credit card company was very gracious with helping me as well.

But, it is VERY important to check over your statements each and every month.

Thanks for the laugh and the ammo when people try to tell my children we evolved from monkeys.
(also from )

Jennifer said...

Bet that was a great hockey game last night. Ian would have loved it!

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