Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little Morgan day....

Today we slept in till 9:00 AM, then mommy had to go in and wake up sleeping beauty, as she had her first official swim lesson at 10:30 AM.

Video of Morgan being awakened by mommy this morning.

do you hear that? No music to pause! I did that for all of you.

Video of Morgan dancing and being all smiles, with her little bikini top and surfer shorts, before heading to the pool.

Video of Morgan taking one of her first dip and swim under water.

She did fantastic. Although if she saw me around she would cry and want mommy, so I hid behind things like a tree, a towel and an umbrella, just so I could peek and watch her.

After her lesson was over, we stayed at the pool for about another hour and I practiced the same thing with her, swimming to the wall, reaching for the wall and kicking her feet. She started to think it was fun and wanted to do it over and over again, underwater and everything.
Although it wasn't fun watching her cry in the pool or wanting me, while not being able to go comfort her. I had to give her some tuff love, if this means it will save her life.

A little funny side note: I have never heard my little girl toot or burp so much in her life, as she did after her swim lesson. WOW!! Move over Jessica Simpson, Morgan may have you beaten. LOL!!

Baby girl came home and watched a little Elmo and had a bite to eat. Now she is down for a nap and its time for mommy to get the laundry finished, jump in the shower and get ready for Hunter's hockey game tonight.

Speaking of my little man.... although deserves a post all on it's own, and I will give him his own post, but had to share this now.


You will just have to wait, its too cool and too exciting to not give it or him it's own post. So stay tuned!!!

Enjoy your day.

3 Personal Thoughts:

GamecockQueen said...

I couldn't watch the videos b/c I'm at work, but the comment about Jessica Simpson made me laugh!!! I really like Jessica Simpson even though a lot of pple make fun of her. Morgan is looking beautiful, as always :-D

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

She is adorable.....

Pineapple Princess said...

I loved watching her videos! She is so dang cute!! I love her ponies! She reminds me so much of MckMama's Smalfry.

Looking forward to your next post about your son!!

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