Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures from Thanksgiving in Rochester NY

Hubby and Me

Give a little love, give a little food and get down tonight, get down tonight.

Nana Jan, Papa Mark, Raider and Pumpkin with Morgan

This was Uncle Matt and Morgans first time to meet, and already that have their own communication down. 

She loved popping the bubbles, but would get mad when they would go away.  Pretty funny stuff.

These are "The Pugs" Raider and Pumpkin!

Uncle Brian and Aunt Whitney 

This is a sweet picture and a funny story behind it.  Whit and I where making dinner for the family Friday nigh after Thanksgiving.  Morgan was sleepy and fussy. Uncle Bri said he would try to get her to go down, and Whit and I laughed thinking "yea right, go ahead and try".  Not 5 minutes later, we walk in and see this!!!  

Such a sweet photo! 

I have never been to a Christmas tree farm, so this is me and Morgan getting ready for our first tree farm visit.  We got our Uggs on and are ready to search high and low, near and far, for our perfect Christmas tree. 

Standing next to Santa's sleigh, and the words read "Jesus is the Reason for the Christmas season." Amen!!

Can you see Morgan?  She is in there! 

Morgan is actually asleep in this picture with daddy.  It was a cold long hunt for that tree.  LOL  To her it was anyways

We found our perfect Christmas Tree. 

Early AM to airport! (Buffalo Airport)

Good-bye Raider, Pumpkin, Nana, Papa, Bri, Whit, Matt, Rochester and NY.  See you real soon! 

I love her hand on the window as she is looking out! 

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daniella said...

I like the pic of you and Mark. And I had no idea they make baby uggs! They'd be just the thing for Chuck this winter. After experiencing upper New York, do you think you could ever live there?

Unknown said...

Beautiful, more beautiful on the inside I'm sure. Thank you for commenting on my blog and I look forward to reading more of yours!

Also, getting the word out about the 12th annual Worldwide Candle Lighting event. Compassionate Friends offers the opportunity for grieving families to come together on one day to celebrate the life, love and light of those children gone much too soon. It is believed to be the largest mass candle lighting in the world. Last year tens of thousands of candles were lighted in memory of children around the globe in small gatherings and in the privacy of homes.

This year the candle lighting will be held on Sunday December 14th for one hour at 7 pm local time around the world, creating a virtual wave of light. It symbolizes that the light of these precious children will forever he held within the hearts of many.

If you want to post a message about your own loss you can see my blog at http://graceolaobrienpang.blogspot.com OR post on Compassionate Friends website on December 14th, their web site, www.compassionatefriends.org.

Chelsea Pang
Mother of Grace Ola, born still September 17th.

MamaJoss said...

Adorable photos! I especially like your little Morgan peeping out of the baby bjorn where you are standing in front of the tree!!

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