Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little photo happy, I am, I am!

Okay, I have come to accept that I stink am photography challenged.  I am a wanna be "good" photographer.  I so desperately want to know how to better work my camera.  I am getting a new lens for my camera for Christmas. It should be here any day and I am so excited, but got camera happy today.  Hunter got in trouble so I grounded him, and then I wanted to take pictures and he was up for letting me.  Being the smarty pants he is, he said "sure Ill do pictures if it means I get to get out of my room."   Smart he is! Oh and he had all A and A+ on his report card.  Go Hunter.  

Okay, so I still have a little long ways to go with all this photography stuff.  Some of there are untouched, some you can tell I adjusted the lighting a little bit, the sun kept going in and out of clouds. I have yet to play with my WHITE setting, but instead trying to play with my ISO numbers for now.  White is what it is called right?  I'm drawing a blank.  

Baby girl just wasn't in the mood herself, so she exhausted drove me plum nuts trying to get her to smile or look at the camera.  By the end of the shoot I was banging  rattle off my head.  No kidding! 

I'll have to post some of Hunter from the ones I shot 6 months ago with his braces on and compare them to these.  He does some of his "signature" poses, that it will be fun to see how much kids this age still change in matter of months.  Enjoy the photos! 

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Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

Enjoy this time... Morgan is too little to move, and Hunter is old enough to stay where you want him. Charlotte refuses to sit still anymore.

What kind of lens did you get?

daniella said...

Are you kidding? These are great! You're a very good photogropher...naturally, probably because of your passion. Have you thought about taking a class at a community college? I heard it makes a world of difference with all the little tricks you learn.

Oh, and I know you say Hunter looks a lot like his dad, but these pics say otherwise. You must have really strong genes because both kiddos look a lot like you. Go Misty!

Erin said...


Came across your blog somehow and absolutly think your 2 kiddos are too cute for words! I totaly have the baby itch these days (even though my husband and I are not quite ready) and love reading stories about other peoples little ones. Your photogrophy skills are great! Maybe one day when I have kids I can get you to do their pictures (hopefully sooner rather than later)! I look forward to reading about/seeing more of thoes 2 sweet faces.

Ps- as I was reading through your blog I noticed you were from Parkland! I Grew up in Coral Springs and currently live in Tamarac.

Jennifer said...

I think you did a great job with this photo shoot of the kids. You got a couple of keepers... That's what it's all about. Take 100 - keep 10% - if you're lucky! Really - that should be your goal.

Hunter resembles you a ton in these pictures. Handsome little man.

Aspiemom said...

You got some GREAT shots, Misty! My favorites: 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 12. I think I got them right. I just love the ones of them laughing - especially that one of Morgan!

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