Thursday, February 5, 2009

Has she forgotten about me?

I know I am falling behind on my post this week. I actually just read on a blog yesterday, that in order to keep your "readers" pleased, you should post every day.  Oh boy! I will try and I hope those that do enjoy reading my blog daily know that I appreciate you and thank you for allowing me to be open and free and loved on my blog.  

I want to start with a couple of things and then I will explain the title of my post. 

1.  My honey is on his way to a meeting.  Sound normal, right?  Yes, but this particular meeting could be a career changing one for him, if the two men he is meeting with opens up BIG doors for him.  So I ask that you please take a second and say a quick prayer that Mark is able to speak the words that are needed to be heard by the listeners.  That they see his hard work, dedication and passion.  They see his ever growing talent and they see what I see in him (professionally speaking -ha!) and give him a chance to go after his dreams. He worked real hard on things last night (well actually for months now), but going over all the details last night, he didn't get in bed till late and then he couldn't sleep and was up at 3:00 AM till time to go to work. I know he will be tired tonight.  He is on his way right now to that meeting, so please say a prayer.  I feel bad and wished I had requested this last night, but its never too late for prayer.

2.  It seems as though some of the fans of Get Out Show, have gotten their request.  I will be traveling to Tahiti at the end of this month to join in with my my old roommate and close friend Lindsay Clubine, as a little reunion on the show.  Although thrilled to be doing a show or two, a little nervous about my travels.  It will be my first time ever away from Morgan.  It will be daddy's first time alone with Morgan, and it will be my first time away from my entire family in almost 3 years. I know it will be a great time, and a nice break for this mama to get away and go do what is in my blood and travel!!! Still its hard for mommy's to leave their families. Ill be doing extreme things..... maybe I will cliff dive this time, or bungee jump or free fall off a building?  I pretty much have done it all already, and I need a little rush in my system, its been awhile.  

Please pray that I have safe travels, and return to my family in one piece.  Pray that daddy and Morgan enjoy their one-on-one time together and that Morgan doesn't freak out and miss me too much. Okay, so I secretly want her to, so I know I missed, but for her sake and daddy's mental well being, I pray that she misses me, but that she doesn't freak out.  

3.  I did a post a week ago about my photo shoot with Frontgate Catalog.  It appears the client really liked me, for the booked me yesterday and now again on Saturday.  Saturday I am to be shooting water stuff (again).  And of course it is FREEZING out here in Florida this week. What is up with this Florida weather anyways? So please if you would, pray that the weather is ALOTwarmer on Saturday and that they actually heat the pool this time.  Remember last week the weather and water was about 50-degrees?  Ugh!!! It is suppose to rain here on Saturday, if it does I won't be too upset, for it would mean a delay on the shoot days and that maybe I could shoot on a day that is much warmer.  Ha!!! 

4.  Speaking of Saturday the 7th -  I was scheduled to run/walk/crawl my first 5K --EVER!! I have to be honest, I was really looking forward to that, but when work comes, I have to take it and Frontgate booked me on Saturday.  I will not be able to participate in the 5K this Saturday for Sheridan House Ministries. However, my two friends are doing it, and promised to take pictures for me.  All the monies that have been donated to my site will go to them, which all ends up in the same place.  Thank you for donating, I really appreciate it.  You still have 2 days to donate if you want to jump aboard just click on link at the top left of my blog.  Again, we are ALL making a difference in peoples lives with every little bit.  Doesn't that make you feel great? 

5.  Last but not least and the reason of that post title is this: My daughter 'Butterfly', has forgotten how to say "mama".  She was saying "dad" for the longest time, and just days before we left for our cruise she said 'mama' and said it A LOT.  I loved it.  I was proud and it became her favorite word.  She said it so much and almost sang it. However, this past week she hasn't said it once and is back to saying 'dada'.  Although she did fall back on her head the night before that, maybe causing a little brain lapse, causing her brain to have forgotten all the words she once said, like "mama".  We not have to start all over with teaching her how to say 'mama'.  Yes, I am serious that she fell back on her head pretty hard, but not so serious (at least I hope it to not be serious or the case) on why she all of the sudden refuses to say mama.  She also says "baba" = bottle, "bubu" = bubba/brother and "bye" with her cute little hand wave.  Come to think of it she hasn't said much of these either.  Anyone know what's going on?  Experience this before? I wish she would just say "mama" because for the ruff week I feel that I have had as a stay-at-home and working/traveling mom..... it sure would make my week a lot better.  Morgan...... have you forgotten about ME? 

On a different note:  I know this is a lot to keep up with, but just try alright! It was requested if I would do a regular guest post.  I thought about it and I liked the idea.  Everyone seems to be into this "blog carnival" stuff and I thought this would make a good carnival, and a very different one also.  

So, what if we did a weekly "guest post" or "shout out" post.... I will come up with a cool name for it and a cool button of course,  cant have a carnival without one of those buttons with it.  And basically this day of the week will give everyone the opportunity to share or talk about someone they know, a blog they read or share a story they heard or read that INSPIRED THEM or touched them etc.  Giving a inspired "Shout Out" to someone on their blogs, rather than talk about themselves that day or post. Now to just figure out the day in which to choose for such a carnival.  Do you guys like this carnival idea? If not....maybe it will be my own thing that I do when I have something to share, and you can just enjoy reading the ones I post and sharing them on your own. Please feel free to post a link from your blog to mine if you want to show and share with other something you read here on my blog.  I would love to have new comers come by, while at the same time feeling totally thrilled that a story that touched me is getting the chance to touch many others just by reading my blog. Let me know your thoughts: 1) Should it be a carnival or 2) Should it be a Misty thing, that you get to enjoy and share if you choose?

Oh! Oh! Before I forget, for that would be a real bummer, because then I would have to go and type up a new post and I am too hungry for that right now.  As you know I am growing in my photography and loving every minute of it.  I have recently been asked to shoot my first wedding coming up in March.  I have not given this bride my answer yet, for I want her to meet me so we can talk in more detail of what she expects or is looking for in a photographer.  I would love to shoot my first wedding, BUT..... I am just not sure if I am of that level yet folks.  Point blank it scares the crap out of me.  I am honored that she feels by what she has seen of my work so far to even considered me for it. She is a friend of a friend of mine.....but this is her WEDDING DAY!!  Bridzilla comes to mind if I where to ever not do a good enough job, and besides I would hate to ever disappoint someone on that special kind of day.  This may be a fluke and nothing will come of it, or maybe it is God opening up doors for me to explore and expand my love for photography.  

And as if that wasn't exiting enough, I just got a call today a lady that I love and considered my mom here in Florida, my BFF's Lisa's mom, Pat. She works at CB Glades Private School, and tomorrow is their annual Father -Daughter Dance.  Something has come up with the guy they normally use, and she has asked if I would come and shoot the dance.  Totally looking forward to this, but again waiting for her call to discuss the details because I am better with natural light. I am not experienced with shooting soft, nice images in the dark, or indoors like dances etc.  I do not have any cool fancy flashes.  So if  any of you professionals out there have any advice to share with muah.... please do!! Please do!!!   Ill know today if I am confirmed for the dance tomorrow night. I would love to give it awhirl. 

Speaking of photography..... did you check out my new blog header over there?  Its nothing fancy, but I did it in photoshop.  I will later on really work on putting together some kind of nice, professional header for the little bloggy over there.  Anyways, check it out! But that isn't what I mean when I said "speaking of photography"..... what I meant to go with the rest of that line is that my friend Lisa is 11 days away from having her little boy, that I will be photographing her c-section delivery of.  I can barely wait.  The same weekend, which I think is also Valentines weekend and mine and Marks 2 year anniversary. I will be traveling with kiddos to Chicago.  Hunter has a hockey tournament that weekend, and since I have never been to Chicago I thought this would be a fun trip to travel out of state with the team to experience one of Hunter's out of state hockey tournaments.  It's going to be so COLD!!!  Pray that we all do not get sick, and that we come back with a pretty TROPHY Cup instead!!!  

Well, much as I'd love to sit here and chat with you all day long, while Morgan is sleeping.  I seem to have a rumbly in my tumbly. (Pooh fans?) And I need to eat, get showered and ready to run some errands.  Honey, is coming home after his meeting today to give me a little breather.  I for some reason am having a cranky week, and  I feel like my house and kids and things are caving in on me.  I haven't had any alone time to myself in months, so I am over due.  I have no idea what I am going to do when I get to be alone, but I do have a couple of errands to run that I wouldn't mind running them in silence and alone, no baby girl in tow.  Besides its cold out and she would probably much rather stay in the warm house and hang with "DADA"....after all its the only word she will utter these days.  

PS:  Did you pray yet for my honey?  He is in his meeting now..... so say a prayer!!!  Thank guys and gals!!   

God Bless. 

I know its against blogger rules to post with out pictures...... so I just took some of Morgan sleeping, so while you are saying a prayer for hubby, Ill load them up for you and then I am off to eat.  For now though...... here is an interesting photo I took while at the zoo a couple of weeks ago with the family.  The first person to guess what it is that you are looking at in this photo, I have a surprise for you!!!!!  

8 Personal Thoughts:

Heather said...

Praying right now. You are a beautiful person inside & out! Um, is it a spider leg??

Jennifer said...

Is it an ant-eater thingy?
Said a prayer for Mark. I hope things go well for him today. It will be nice to see what God's plan is for you all!

Amanda May said...

Hey Misty,
I thought I would jump in and give my input on the photography thing (I spent the last 10 years photographing children professionally). I have always prefered natural light too, but there's no need to be scared off by having to use lights/flash.
If you are going to shoot the dance, I would suggest investing in a very good external flash. You can get wonderful (natural looking!) results just by bouncing your flash off of the helps avoid the very unprofessional looking shadow that often comes with flash photography. You could also look into getting an "Omnibounce" from Stofen ( to attach to your flash for even better results. :)
I hope that helps!!

Jamie, Diana and J'Lee said...

Hi Misty!

I work with someone who did photography for 10 years and he suggested to me that I should buy "slave units". You set these out around the room and when you take a picture the automatically go off, filling in light where needed. I don't know the cost of these, but those I would throw out a suggestion. I had my first wedding shoot over Christmas, I loved it but it was very stressful. The thought of missing things freaked me out, but it ended up being okay. Good luck!!!

Tiffany said...

I would have to say a sloth.. the picture from the zoo.

Well aren't you just the busy busy bee!!! :) Wow, there is so much going on in your life right now. So many opportunities, blessings, as well as concerns. I just finished reading your post, and praying for Mark and the meeting to go according to God's will.

Wish I could help you out with the photography stuff.. I'm learning myself. I love using the manual options for creativity and have figured out ways to take pics in dark settings better by toying around with the shutter speed and TV option on the dial. Boy, do I sound novice, or what?! :) I did find a cool flash "filter" if you will that attaches to my built in flash on my Canon..$25 which helps with the "washing out" you can get with a flash in a dark setting.

Have fun on your trip to Tahiti, was it? I went away for a few days across country while hubby watched both our little ones and he did very well. They need that time together to work things out and man are they very happy to see you walk back through the door. :) Good stuff, girl!


Ohmygosh.. yes, the carnival. It sounds like a lovely idea and I would certainly enjoy it but also know that I won't be able to participate in it for a while with all that's changing in our lives. I do look forward to your deicion about it and seeing what happens. Best to you as you have free time today AND go through so many decisions.

Lots of love,

The Thompson's said...

Hey Mist,

Will for sure pray for Mark.

Dont get frustrated with butterfly, babies go back in forth from one word to the next, usually getting stuck on certain things like moma or dada and just saying whatever is comfortable for them at the time. It how they develop language. Repeating things over and over until it is mastered and then moving on to saying something else. She will say moma again and she hasnt forgotten who you are.:)

Love and Prayers,


The Thompson's said...

Oh and my guess is anteater.

TuTu's Bliss said...

I'm pretty sure someone already guessed it..A Giant Anteater found in South America. I saw one when I traveled to South America. I never knew they were so stunning until then. Have you heard of Tuesday Tribute? It sounds like a blog carnival you might love!

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