Thursday, February 5, 2009

Symphony™ featuring SureLatch™ All-In-One Car Seat, North Bay

We need one for this beautiful little thing...... TODAY, NOW....more like YESTERDAY, we needed it! And crazy enough Evenflo is giving one away on February 20th.  So head on over to MomDots site and check out all the details.  

PS:  In case I do not win, does anyone have a carseat that they no longer need?  Willing to give or sale it for less than the stores charge?  Let me know, I really, really do need a carseat RIGHT NOW!!! IF... IF I do win, and someone gave me one in the mean time. If you do not want it back, I will do something really fun with it, helping another mom in need.  "PAY IT FORWARD" style!!


What does it mean to be "safe" and or just plain picky...... in my book when talking about carseats for my little offspring's --- there is no difference in the two.  Call it picky, but I call it safety-picky.  Okay not really, I just now made that word up, but I do have priority to be about TOP SAFETY when buying anything for my kids.  

Well, MomDot announced that Evenflo, is giving away a Symphony Carseat. On their site they tell why they love this brand of carseats

"MomDot likes that its a name we trust and our families grow with, that the seat is stylish, safe, and functional, and comes in a variety of patterns and colors to our own taste. Because who said safe has to be ugly? Just this past Sunday, this seat was featured on the national show Fox and Friends and today, featured on MomDot!"  -MomDot

I have to agree with them for all the above, but when browsing over the Evenflo's website on installing this carseat, I raised my eye brows and said "this is exactly what my husband needs".  Folks you were not here with me watching my husband taking almost an hour or so to install the carseat in our car for our drive to Marco Island over Christmas.  Uh, yea and I also will not repeat some of the verbiage (is that even a word?) I heard spewing out that day, as sweat ran down in arms, his face and dripped onto the seats of my car.  

This says you latch it onto the child safety latch first and then all you have to do is push the seat back into place until it is fitted tightly.  WOW!!!!  Considering this is a much needed carseat, I think Mark will be one happy hubby to see how easy it is to install.  

I like this one, and although I have yet to use one of their carseats, I have known people that have and loved it. I think they make fabulous products, and use their products often.  My friends and family circle are big advocates to buying high end things when it relates to safety. Things we can use until our kids our grow them, and then feel confident to lend them on to others and then don't even stop there. If and when it comes back around to us needed it again, we feel confident that it is still just as safe for our new addition, no matter how many years its been, and will use it again!!!!  When you can say and do that with an item, that company should smile with pride on their amazing product.  

I searched online today for carseats and I have a Babies R Us date with my BFF Lisa, who is due with her 3rd child in 11 days now.  I am searching out a carseat, but now I may have to wait until I see if I win this one first.  Seriously, how cool would that be to win THIS!!! 


  • iParenting Media Award: Greatest Product Winner
  • New! Easy to use, SureLATCH™ Connectors for easier installation— Just Click, Click, Push… And GO!  This exclusive system provides a super-fast, tight and safe installation, in a fraction of the time.
  • New! All-In-One Car Seat! 3 seats in one that fits children 5-100 pounds
  • Infinite Slide™ Harness Adjustment System simply slides to any height with no rethreading
  • Removable and washable ComfortTouch™ pad and pillows provide extreme comfort for your baby! Easily remove the pad without rethreading the harness!
  • Contains Energy Absorbing Foam liner
  • Side Impact Tested!  Meets or exceeds all applicable U.S.  Safety Standards AND Evenflo’s Side Impact Test Standard.
  • ReclineRight™ multiple-position upfront recline is easy to use and adds comfort for the child!
  • Flip-out cup holder conveniently holds drinks, or folds up out of sight!
  • 5-point harness provides security for your child
  • One-hand Adjustable Headrest makes adjusting to proper height a breeze!
  • 2-piece chest clip allows child to be put in and taken out in seconds!
  • Designed and tested for structural integrity at energy levels approximately 2X the federal crash test standard


Use & Care

  • The Symphony™ all-in-one car seat is for use rear facing with children 5 to 35 lbs, forward facing with 5-point harness with children 20 to 40 lbs, or forward facing as a belt positioning booster with children 30 to 100 lbs.
  • Read all instructions and warnings on the product, product labels, and instruction manual before use. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual to determine proper placement of child restraint in your vehicle and familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s components.
  • Machine wash pad with mild detergent, cold water, and gentle cycle

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