Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update from todays earlier post:

THANK YOU ALL.... you ravilalisous prayer worriers!!! You guys rock!  Yea, that's a Misty word! 

1.  Mark says that he believes the meeting went well.  He and the gentleman will remain in communication and hopefully build up a relationship and something great will come out of it.  It already did the way I see it.  For starters, I think its great this guy who came from New York took time out of his day to meet with Mark.  Thankful for the gentleman that believes in what Mark does, and made the meeting possible, while also attending the meeting between the two for introduction and ice breaker. And while letting this just be a reminder that there are people like this guy out there that Mark needs to meet and have doors open up for him and one day on GODS time it will ALL HAPPEN!  So thank you for the prayers today. I will keep you posted with any updates. 

2.  I am going to photograph for the school Father-Daughter Dance tomorrow.  I am very excited about this and am looking forward to it.  Wish me luck!!! Its just me and my camera going, so i will do my best with the light I am provided. Also, thank you all that have written in with different suggestions and helpful tips. I am surely going to look into the flash, now to figure out which one to get for my camera.  Any specifics I should get??? I want something that will give that nice natural look with out harsh shadows and or wash outs.  

This picture is of Hunter's, Mother-Son dance at his school in kindergarten. This night was a BIG night for all of us, because it was our first dance together at his school, and while we were at the dance back home was our entire family gathering.  We had a private family dinner at our house the weekend Mark and I got married.  The following night we had the dinner rehearsal and then Sunday the wedding. 

I thought about a picture captions, but then I thought of one on my own and loved it. HA! HA!

"Oh What A Night" .......

But Hunter and I do have our little song between us... its "Up to the Moon" by Kim Hill.  I have always loved that song and we sing it together.  That was our song to dance together at the wedding.  

Look how long his hair was.  This was the time period he wanted to grow his long "hockey" player hair, because he liked for it to poke out of his helmet.  Sigh!!! Finally, I couldn't bare to look at it another day and right before he wedding I had my friend Lisa take him and get it cut. They ended up cutting it WAY TOO SHORT, although it looked great.  

Hunter was on the phone crying to me, and then with all the stress of the wedding, I felt guilty I made him cut his hair, because he really didn't want cut it, and I was nervous about him during the wedding and wanted him to remember the wedding a fun time, and not be angry and blame the wedding and stuff for his haircut.  So I am at the mall, Hunter calls me crying on the phone about how short his hair was and then I start crying.  The only time I had a breakdown that whole weeding weekend. 

He ended up having a great time at wedding, and never thought about his hair cut again. Although he did lose a tooth at the wedding and everyone gave him money for it, so he went home with ching-ching in his pants!!!  Lucky boy! 

2 Personal Thoughts:

Pineapple Princess said...

I am new to your blog. I enjoy it and love your photos! I'll keep tuning in.

Jennifer said...

Great photo of the mother-son dance! Precious.
Good news about Mark's meeting.

I'm a britax lover...I have a roundabout (in cowmooflage (cow print). It will last until chloe is 4 or 5 years old. Seriously worth the $160-200.

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