Friday, February 27, 2009

My First Newborn Session -

Well, I guess I really can't call it my first session, considering it wasn't even a session.  D & L (David and Lisa), asked if I could come over today and shoot a quick head shot that they could show on the big screens in church this weekend, announcing little Zane.  Of course I can, are you guys kidding me?  However, when I say it was quick.... I mean it was QUICK.  I had exactly 15 minutes or less to shoot the little man, because my son left his baseball gear in my car, and he had a game to be at way down in Miami Lakes.  So I got to the Hughes home about 5:15 and was out of there by 5:40 PM, but he was fed and burped during this time and I sort of just danced around him and shot when I could.  

I know some may be blurry.... and I know in time I will be able to do SO much better with my photos once I learn photoshop, but for now this the all I can do with the editing program I do use on my computer and as well as

The 'goal' was to try to get him with his eyes open.  At least we accomplished that part of it, right? He looks like a little old man, doesn't he?  So precious he is! As a little peek as to what will be in the slide show once I figure out how to save it on my computer, a birth photo of Zane.

2 Personal Thoughts:

Keri said...

I am in love!! Great have a real talent!!

Aspiemom said...

You got a lot of good ones, Misty. the 3rd and 6th are my favorites.

My son has been being goofy lately. He takes his digital and dances around our ornery lab and pretends he's a pro photog. and says "Work it! Work it, Raini! That's it, girl, you work it!" And Raini lays there annoyed that he is disturbing her sleep and giving him the evil eye!

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