Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Peas!

Morgan had Sweet Peas with her rice today.  Her first attempt of some real food (sort of). Although I didn't read the bottle where it says "to warm the food up".  She didn't seem to mind it much at all just as it was.  I mean come on look at her face, what is that saying to you? LOL

In these next two shots, she has this big smile on her face.  Why? Because she was making some, um, I don't know, some strange noises???.... and when she saw me looking at her and I started to laugh at her, she cracked up too.  This went on for a few until her "business" was done!!!!  

Speaking of "business".... do husbands really have a clue as to what we mommies manage at our day/night jobs? My husband sent me an IM saying "I hope you have a good day!" the other day. Just when this happened: AN EXPLOSIVE DIAPER!!!! Sigh!!!! 


1 Personal Thoughts:

Jason, Allison & Charlotte said...

He's getting a little better day by day... he'll never be great again, though.

Those percentiles crack me up, Charlotte is only 15th for height, lol.

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