Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hunter's "Ball" Talent

Hunter is all around an athletic kid.  I mean look at these pictures. He has a body of a 18 year (well okay no really), but his is defined like any other kid his age I know.  Crazy! 

At the beach this weekend, he was showing off some of his foot and head talent with a volleyball.  

After getting Morgan to sleep we played a little volleyball back and forth!  He loves volleyball (that's my boy).  We sat next to some of my volleyball buddies (2 on 2 beach style) and he just loves to watch them.  I miss playing so much. I think it's time I get back out there a couple times a month at least.

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well you would not pass him for 7 years old, watch out misty hes cutie pie! you will have trouble with the girls look out!

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