Wednesday, September 17, 2008

3 for 3

Appetizer:  Shrimp and Sauce 

Dinner: Lemon Chicken Pasta with Steamed Asparagus

Drink:  Red Wine and Ice Tea

*Note:  It was very good. I really enjoyed it.  Out of the 3 meals I think that was my favorite. Mark said that the Asparagus was one of the best he has ever had. His favorite is over the grill with soy sauce, but said the flavor I used was excellent.  I soaked them in garlic butter and season salt before steaming them.  I have to admit I don't normally like asparagus with out some fancy cream sauce on them, but I as well liked the ones I made last night.  

No pictures this time!!!  I won't keep boring everyone with the "family dinners".  I am really enjoying having my family together at the table.  We love to talk about our HIGHS and LOWS of the day.  

If you have any healthy recipes that I should try for my family email them to me at  Remember to email me the following:

1.  Shopping List 

2.  Step by Step Directions

PS:  While in the middle of cooking last night, I realized I forgot one of the most important items, 'garlic butter'.  So I asked Mark to pick it up on his way home from work.  While I was stressing out over my dinner being stalled, Morgan wasn't being much of a treat either.  It seems she likes to give me a hard time just when I start to cook and need my "focus cap on".  

I am on the verge of a melt down because my dinner is going to be ruined soon if Mark doesn't hurry up.  It seemed like it was taking forever. When all of the sudden he walks in and hands me these beautiful flowers and a card.  How could I be mad after that? 

The card said:

Inside - "We've got forever written all over us"

He wrote


I just want to say THANK YOU for all the effort you've been putting in to making dinner, and to bring our family together.  

Just know that I appreciate YOU and I love what you are doing.  I know you are trying hard and you are doing an amazing job! 

I love you. 


*Awwwww...... I know! I know!  Thank you babe for my beautiful flowers and card.  It really means a lot to hear such appreciation and all the compliments you continue to give to my cooking.  I love you! 

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can we say Affirmation! yeh way to go girl! its nice to hear that someone appreciates what all us wife do!Dont't stop with the oictures of the food it gives all of us wifes that dont cook inspiration to get up and do something! lol like me, i dont even know what is waht ok i bet i will burn water lol really fear-o we watch higgly town heros all the time.grat job misty.

Megan Sommer said...

wow... im so happy that you guys are moving forward and making progress in your marriage... still praying for yall...

daniella said...

Way to go, Mark, stepping up! I can't believe you made an appetizer as well. Slow down there, superwoman, or else you'll be too exhausted to keep going at this rate. Go get yourself a crockpot (slowcooker) if you don't have one and I'll send you som UNBELIEVABLY good recipes that are a breeze to make...with a shopping list and directions :-)

Jennifer said...

Your husband ROCKS!
And, might I add that your dinner sounds amazing! We should share recipes. I love to cook!

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