Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lets Compare -- I'm 5 months old now!!!

We are going in today for our 5 month check up.  However I took some recent pictures of her in her bathtub and my mouth dropped once I noticed this difference.  What a huge difference from 2 weeks old to 20 weeks old.  

Morgan Paige Baniewicz 

Two weeks old

20 weeks old

3 Personal Thoughts:

Megan Sommer said...

omg! i was just thinking the same thing last night... that i needed to dig out some comparison pics... forgive me if i totally copy your post ... but with pics of my kid of

daniella said...

Look at those toes pointing! I think you have a little ballerina on your hands. Our little girls sure are growing too fast.

Jennifer said...

I am laughing out loud (tickled, really) at these comparison pictures. So darn cute...and she's so much bigger, in only three months! My little girly just turned 1 - and it wasn't very long ago when she was only 5 pounds and was bathing in the kitchen sink! UGH

(found you on MyCharmingKids blog)
You have a beautiful family!

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